Meet Father Job


After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from Penn State University, Father Job entered the Monastery at St. Vincent’s Abbey in July of 1983.  For 4 years, he was in formation to become a Benedictine Monk.  At the same time, he pursued theological study and was ordained as a priest in 1989.

According to his family, Father Job was interested in the priesthood as a child.  However, it was in his college years that he became interested in something other than the traditional life with a wife, children and a career.  Instead, he explored the monastic life.


It was during his formation as a monk where Father Job was inspired by the profound prayer life of the Benedictines.  He was especially inspired by the prayerful life of his spiritual director, Father Tom Acklin, where that life of prayer was evident in everything he did and said.

Encountering Christ:

During his formation as a monk and his studies in the priesthood, Father Job spent much of his own time in community and private prayer as well as in scripture.  In his prayer life and scripture readings, he encountered Christ.  This is where his daily conversion took place.

Order of St. Benedict:

Father Job is a monk and priest ordained in the Order of St. Benedict.  From the Benedictines he learned how to live the monastic life, which he found to be extremely practical, especially in specific situations in life.  When asked to describe the Rule of Benedict, Father Job summed it up as, “the search for God in the company of brothers”.

Because of the Benedictine focus on community, Father Job emphasizes the constant call to come together as a community to celebrate the Eucharist.  He believes that our parish is much more, much stronger, when we’re celebrating Mass together as a community.

Please contact Father Job at or (717) 875-3369.

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